Repair / Maintenance Work Order Guideline / Policies

Please use this work request form to submit routine service requests. In case of Fire-Police-Ambulance Emergencies, DIAL 911. Once you submit this form, a work order will be dispatched to the facilities office by the Client Services Center for processing. You will receive an email with the Work Order number. Please reference the Work Order number if one has been provided to you.

All maintenance/repair requests must be in writing and delivered to one of the following Royal Palace Apartments Staff:      ( Super Attendant, Maintenance Staff, Approved Contractor, and or the Landlord at the address stated within this form )

Please note, by submitting a maintenance request you acknowledge a desire that the said repairs and maintenance be attended to as soon as possible from the date of your request, and for such purpose, you give your permission and full authorization to enter the rental unit during reasonable hours (8am to 9pm) in order to effect repairs. This acknowledgement shall operate as your consent at the time of entry for Royal Palace Apartments Staff, Super Attendant, Maintenance Staff, Approved Contractors and or the Landlord at the address stated within this form  to enter the rental unit in order to effect such repairs with or without your presence from the rental unit at the time of such entry and at the time that such repairs are made. PLEASE NOTE: The volume of work order requests is very high. Maintenance staff will review received requests and address them as required on a priority basis. Generally items related to safety, heat, etc. are addressed first. We thank you for your patience and cooperation regarding this matter.

A Landlord and or Property Manager staff member may enter a rental unit to inspect for any maintenance, make repairs to damaged areas or finishes, and to do work or replace something if deemed so. If a landlord wishes to enter a rental unit for one of these reasons, the landlord must give the tenant written notice at least 24 hours before the landlord and or contractor plans to enter the unit irrespective and or regardless if the tenant(s) are present or not.

The written notice includes the following:

Purpose A: The reason why the landlord/contractor wishes to enter

The date(s) & time of entry the landlord/contractor will enter

Lessee and Lessor agrees that the Lessee shall ensure that the home is returned to it’s pre-occupancy condition before vacating the home.  All floors, walls, doors, storage areas, closets, kitchen cabinets, kitchen appliances, bathroom tub, sinks, cabinets etc… Please refer to contract and Inspection Guideline.  Lessee agrees that any repairs required for this purpose shall be completed by the Lessor at the Lessee’s FULL sole expense, before, upon expiration of this Lease.

The Lessee shall maintain said premises in a clean and good repair (including new kitchen, bathroom and varnished wood floors throughout, floors, walls, tile, and carpets) and should any damages such as dents, scratches, cracks result through their neglect, the Lessee will be responsible for any repairs.

Lessee agrees to pay the cost of repairs to the premises, including plumbing and/or appliances caused by his/her unintentional negligence or willful damage.

The Lessees agree that all furniture items within the property must have scratch protector pads.  Any item that touches any part of the floor the Lessees agree to put floor scratch protectors or circular pads/cups under all beds, dressers, furniture, chairs, cabinets, stools or anything that could cause floor damage such has dents, chips or scratches.

The Tenant covenants that during the term of this Lease and any renewal thereof the Tenant shall keep the Premises in an ordinary state of cleanliness, caused by the Tenant or that of persons permitted on the Premises by the Tenant;

The Tenant shall have no pets of any kind on the Premises unless the consent of the Landlord is obtained in writing.  Any damages of any kind will be at the Lessees expense

A tenant may Not refuse to let the landlord in if the landlord wants to enter their unit.  If the landlord enters the tenant’s unit as allowed by the Act, the tenant cannot refuse to let the landlord in. If the tenant does not let the landlord in, the landlord can give them a notice of termination claiming that the tenant is interfering with their lawful rights.  A Member could order the tenant’s eviction for this reason. Also, interfering with a landlord’s lawful right is an offence under the Act, and the tenant will be prosecuted by by the Landlord via various methods.

It is an offense for a tenant to interfere with or to try to stop a landlord from entering the unit when proper notice is given.

A  tenant can be evicted if the landlord wants to use the unit themselves?  Yes, a tenant can be evicted if a landlord “in good faith” requires the unit for:

  • business purposes
  • their own use,
  • the use of an immediate family member, or
  • the use of a person who will provide care services to the landlord or a member of the landlord’s immediate family, if the person who will be receiving the care services lives in the same building or complex.

Please download the maintenance work order form here.

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